Delillo NYC 2017

The Conference

the body artist

This conference takes its title from DeLillo’s 2001 novel, referring beyond the book to DeLillo himself, an artist who has spent a career dramatizing personal encounters with impersonal systems, an artist who has continually pitted the human body against the inhuman machine. DeLillo and his artistry will be a governing theme for this conference, featuring panels and presentations predominantly by other artists—literary artists—fiction writers considering this fiction writer and his work—what it is, what it has meant, and what it might mean now. Both writers and literary critics will take part in this 2-day event to be held at The New School in Greenwich Village, NYC.

Presenters will consider DeLillo's themes—paranoia, global terrorism, conspiracies, consumerism, technology, media, gender, and race—as well as his artistry, his craft, humor, language, style, his Catholicism, his Italian-American identity, and his representations of New York, the city in which the conference will take place.

The keynote address will delivered by novelist and critic, Vince Passaro.

I look forward to welcoming our speakers and to welcoming all of you, as we meet in New York City to discuss one of the most significant writers of our time.

–Joseph Salvatore, Conference Chair

This event is sponsored by The New School's Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students, the Liberal Arts Department, and Creative Writing.


“(Delillo's writing) represents a rare achievement in American literature – the perfect weave of novelistic imagination and cultural criticism.”